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  • How to apply a coupon/promo code?
    You can apply a coupon/promo code by clicking on "Add Code" button or the "Details" button (below the plan image) on the payment screen then click on "Add Promotion Code". Write your code and click on "Apply". Refer to the image below.
  • I'm unable to pay using a debit/credit card. What's wrong?
    One possible scenario is you've selected the wrong country during Sign up. When you sign up, you've to select the country according to where your card issuer bank branch is located. If you select some other country, you'll not be able to pay with your country's card. For example: Indian customers have to select India as country during Sign up to pay via Indian cards. In such case, you got two options: You've to pay with the selected country's supported card & address & if you don't have one, then You can contact Adboost support via email ( and mention that you want to change the country on your Adboost account mentioning your Facebook Name in the email. If you do not fit in the above scenario, then your card can be declined in the following ones: The card you're using has expired. The card you're using have restrictions on the type of purchase it can make online. The card payment is blocked by your bank for any possible reason. You card isn't authorized. You card isn't supported by our payment provider, Stripe. You card has been blocked due to a recent duplicate transaction. You have entered incorrect CVV/card number or name on card/expiry date. You have insufficient funds. The card has been reported lost/stolen/fraudulent. Feel free to contact us in any valid scenario by email on
  • My renewal payment was unsuccessful. How to update the billing information?
    Billing information can only be updated from the Adboost app. Open the app and you'll be shown the Payment failed screen with a 'Update Payment Method' button. You can use that to update your payment method then making it default and wait for the Next auto charge attempt. Don't forget to make the new payment method as default using the three dots button next to the payment method name. This step is necessary as the subscription is charged on the default payment method only. If the auto charge is successful, you'll get access automatically. You can also complete the payment immediately using the 'Complete Payment' button. Adboost automatically tries to attempt the payment multiple times periodically over the course of one week from the start of your new billing cycle to help you get back to enjoying the service.
  • How to update my payment method when my subscription is active?
    Click on settings/gear icon, then click on 'My Subscription' Button. There you'll find an 'Update Payment Method' Button. Click on it and you'll be taken to your subscription portal where you can add or remove your payment methods. When you change your payment method, don't forget to change it to the default payment method by clicking three dots and 'Make default'. This step is necessary as the subscription is charged on the default payment method only.
  • How can I delete my Adboost Account?
    You can request account deletion anytime. Contact us at or if subscribed, use the contact support button from settings of Adboost app. If subscribed, Mention your account number ('Go to Settings > My Subscription > My Plan > Numbers in brackets) Else mention email associated with your Facebook Account (if not subscribed) Also, do mention that you want to delete your account. Once we receive your request, your account along with all the data will be deleted under 10 days. If you have an active subscription, your account & data will be deleted after the subscription ends. As an alternative, you can withdraw the subscription (immediately) from Settings -> My Subscription -> Withdraw Subscription & then request account deletion on email.
  • Which all Campaign Objective are supported by Adboost app?
    Adboost app supports all the following major campaign objectives: Traffic Conversions Lead Generation App Installs Reach Video Views Brand Awareness Event Responses Page Likes Post Engagement If you're looking for some other campaign objective, you can submit a feature request mentioning the objective name and why you need it.
  • What is the timezone when lifetime budget is selected?
    Lifetime Budget allows us to set a timezone in which your Ad will be displayed to your audience. This timezone is in the form of UTC offset. Example: For India, the UTC offset is +5:30 hence you have to select +0530 when choosing your timezone when setting a lifetime budget for India. Refer to this link to for all the timezones
  • I can't see my Ad when copying Ads to my AdSet or on Split Test Choose Ads screen. What's wrong?
    Only the ads that matches the campaign objective and ad set's optimization goal you've chosen in the campagin & ad set you're copying ads to will be shown. You have to make sure before hand that the ad you're going to make for copying should be under the ad set with the same optimization goal as the one you're gonna create and same goes for the campaign objective. If your ad matches this criteria and still not showing up then use the Refresh Button. If none of these solves the issue then please wait till your ad is approved (out of review).
  • I'm getting 100:1885029 Error while copying ads. What's wrong?
    This error simply means that the page selected for your ad doesn't match the Page associated with the ad set you're copying the ad into. Please make sure the Pages are the same on the copying ad and the ad set you're copying into.
  • I'm getting 100:2490085 error while copying ads. What's wrong?
    This error simply means that you've chosen 1.91:1 crop ratio while cropping the images while creating the Ad in the Ads Manager. That crop ratio is not supported anymore and that's why your ads fail to copy. Instead, we recommend use 1:1 crop ratio if you really wanna crop your images.
  • My Facebook page is not showing in the dropdown for selecting the page. Why?
    When trying to create an ad, you may not see your Page's name in the drop-down list because: The Page: You need a Page admin to assign you a Page admin, editor, moderator, advertiser or jobs manager role. The ad account: You need an ad account admin to assign you an admin or advertiser role. Your Page is unpublished: Unpublished Pages aren't visible to the public, so you can't use them to create ads.Publish your Page. Your Page was unpublished for policy violations: Learn more about our Page Policies and how to appeal. Your Page was deleted: Check your Pages to see if the Page you're looking for is listed. If you didn't delete your Page, report an issue with Facebook Pages. You have not given permission to Adboost app during login or signup: If you've not selected the page duing the login or signup process then you've to logout and login again and then click on 'Edit Settings' on Facebook Popup and then select the pages you want to show up and also enable 'show list of pages you manage' & 'read content posted on the page' permissions.
  • How to Unlock/Swap Ad Account?
    To unlock or swap Ad Accounts, click on settings then click on 'Swap Ad Accounts' button. There you'll see the list of your ad accounts with a lock or unlocked or zipped icon next to each of them. You can also see how many you can unlock and how many you can swap. You can swap or unlock unzipped ad accounts whenever you feel like if your plan allows it. All the Ad Accounts are resetted (locked & unzipped) after a month even if you're on a yearly plan. This makes sure you can use different ad accounts on a monthly basis. When this happens you'll have to unlock them again for the current month.
  • How to Unlock Lists?
    To unlock Lists, click on settings then click on 'Unlock Lists' button. There you'll see the list of your Lists with a lock or unlocked icon next to each of them. You can also see how many you can unlock for the current month. You can only unlock lists once for the current month. So make sure you choose all the ones you need in one go. All the Lists are resetted (locked) after a month even if you're on a yearly plan. This makes sure you can use different Lists on a monthly basis. When this happens you'll have to unlock them again for the current month.
  • What is No-Overlap button?
    The no-Overlap feature ensures that your audience will never overlap among the AdSets in that Campaign hence saving you excess Ad spend cost on the same audience segment.
  • Why is Active Users showing 0 in AdSet Stats?
    This usually happens due to the limitation of prediction with the Age or Country you've chosen. Try to increase or decrease min age from your targeting and check again. The best minimum age we found to predict stats for is 18.
  • Why is spend analytics unavailable?
    Spend Analytics is a high level prediction and will only be available for AdSets under ABO Campaigns. Yes, it's not yet available for AdSets under CBO Campaigns. Spend Analytics is mainly available after the ad is approved and out of review & sometimes just after creating the AdSet. We have found it hardly being available before creating the AdSet but this could not be the case for your Ad Account as it majorly depends on how much you've spend on the Ad Account till date and how good Facebook can predict for your new AdSet.
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