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search hidden interests


Facebook Ads Manager only shows the top 25 interest search results. And everyone is competing with those same 25 which eventually increases the ad costs hence degrading results.



With Adboost's Interest Search, you can get hidden interests beyond the regular 25 on every single interest search. Plus all the search results are automatically validated using Facebook's API making every single search result directly usable into your AdSets.

Also, you get to see which group, topic* and the category* the interest belongs to so you can instantly decide which ones to choose. You can also filter interests to break down the best targeting.

Moreover, you can instantly Google Search the interests to know more about it using the Google Search Button.

On top of that, Interests can be searched in 141 different languages, and even if the search results are not entirely in your preferred language, you can always use the Google Translate button to instantly translate the text to your selected language.

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search Facebook pages that are valid interests


Facebook doesn't provide which pages can be targeted as interests in our AdSets.



With Adboost's Page Search, you can search for Facebook pages that are valid interests to target. Plus all the search results are automatically validated using Facebook's API making every single search result directly usable into your ad sets.

Here also, you get to see which group, topic* and the category* the interest belongs to so you can instantly decide which ones to choose. You can also filter interests pages to break down the best targeting.

Morover, you can instantly view the Facebook Page linked to the interest using the Facebook Page Button.

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Create SPLIT TEST with multiple adSets & NO-OVERLAP


Split testing creates audience overlap. This overlap not only increases the ad spend cost & reduced ROI but also eventually lowers the chances of reaching a fresh new and better audience.



With Adboost's Split Testing, you can create CBO/ABO Campaign with around 40 AdSets in a few minutes. Adboost Split testing also supports the No-Overlap feature enabled in a single click. The No-Overlap feature ensures that your audience will never overlap among the AdSets in that Campaign no matter how many AdSets you have.

This not only saves you time but also ad spend cost on the same redundant audience segment.

no-overlap example adboost app_2x.png
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Analyze your adset with AdSet Stats

With Adboost's AdSet Stats feature, you'll get to know your existing or new AdSets potential Reach, % of Daily Active Users on Facebook & Instagram & also different spend estimates. These spend estimates show how many impressions, reach and actions you'll get on different budget choices. 

AdSet Stats feature is available on existing AdSets, before and after creating new AdSets, before creating Split Testing AdSets, and before creating layering AdSet.

This feature can also be used to check the actual size of the interests according to the country you have selected in the AdSet.

Adboost App Ad Set Stats.png

Unlimited Campaign,
AdSets & Super ADS

With Adboost's Add To AdSet feature, you can insert the selected interests into as many AdSets you like. This can be either into

  • An existing AdSet or

  • A new AdSet in an existing Campaign or

  • A new AdSet in a new Campaign.

You can create both CBO and ABO campaigns.

Moreover, you can copy any existing Ad into that updated or created AdSet which will magically include the copied Ad's social engagement in the new Ad (for example likes, comments, etc).

Adboost App Add To AdSet.png


With Adboost's Layering Feature, you can target a better audience by including or excluding some interests in that particular AdSet.


This feature is explained in the following example where we want to target the audience who are console video gamers.

Using the Layering Feature, we can eliminate the excess audience which doesn't overlap the video games & game consoles interest audience and also exclude the whole of mobile games interest audience including the part that overlaps the including audience.

This technique allows you to save the ad spend cost on the unnecessary audience section which eventually leads to a better ROI. 


get related interests &
liked pages


With Facebook tools, it's impossible to get all valid interests related to a particular interest.

This is essential in the case where one would like to know the competition related to a particular brand, company, or person.



With Adboost's Suggestion button on the Interest Search results, you can get all the hidden valid interests related to that particular interest.

Moreover, With Adboost's Liked Pages button on Page Search results, you can get to know the pages(which are also a valid interest) which that particular page has liked.

Adboost App Suggestions.png
Adboost App Liked Pages.png


With Adboost's Add To List feature, you can save your favorite interests in multiple lists.

Later on, you can add them to an existing or new Ad Set in just a few clicks. You can also move/copy those interests to another list or delete them.

This feature is super handy for those who just want to casually search for suitable interests on the go and would like to shortlist a few for their future Campaigns.

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Split Test
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